Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Energy Medicine

The human being is a profound created thing. In our design we are functional on many levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many have not even begun to relate to the subtle energy mechanisms of the body and how they participate in our healing, stress levels, cellular function and even lower, more core levels of function.
I recently had the opportunity to train in a method called Quantum Entrainment or QE for short. The method was realized by Dr Frank Kinslow D.C. who is a Chiropractic Physician. In his many years of study he became familiar with all of the varieties of energetic healing and meditation. Through all of it he realized that he was still unable to find lasting harmony in his health or sufficient lasting peace through his meditations.

By way of stress induced deduction he came across what he termed "Eufeeling." This sensation or sense of well being is something that can be found simply by finding the spaces between our thoughts. I know, sounds ridiculous, but through some very simple practices, that require no religious or spiritual connotations, a person can find quiet in their mind. Once found, you can train yourself to go there in seconds. I did not believe it either until Dr Kinslow, so simply, led the group in a thought process that quickly left me with little thinking and a quiet peace of mind that I did not know existed previously.

What does this have to do with massage or energy healing? Well, a lot really. QE is very helpful in allowing a therapist a calm state of mind to practice in, regardless of existing stress that so many of us have. We all know that when you have a poor attitude or when your mind is on other things it can cause the work we are doing to be less effective and if nothing else it is distracting to the client. Regarding the energy, theoretically QE is allowing a person to harmonize with his/her basic self. This frequency of calmness and relaxation, of just being satisfied with our current life resonates in fact with the clients relaxed sense of calm they are receiving from the massage or relaxation they experience in a therapy or energy work session. In a way this is allowing a homeostasis or balance of your own mental attitude and can positively effect the clients as well. The value of QE being used during sessions can range from emotional healing, better rest, improved mental clarity and an overall sense of peace. Visit with someone who has been trained in QE for a free session. You will enjoy it.

There is much more to QE and I recommend that you take a closer look at it on the website. If you find the tutorials interesting, try to attend some of his classes. He is very popular in Europe so trainings in the US are few and far between. It is an enjoyable weekend course and is very relaxing for a training of any type.